Wednesday, January 30, 2008

About Dale and The Chumbley Team

I am part of The Chumbley Team with Prudential NW Properties.          Our team consists of myself, Bridget my wife and Tracy my mother. We are a full time real estate team with over 35 years real estate experience. We have a vast array of knowledge and experience to best counsel you in all your real estate investments.

We have over 40 years of rental property experience. This experience is not just vocational, it is personal as well. We actually practice what we do for a living.
We also have a great knowledge of the development process within Clark County, the City of Vancouver and all the other cities inside this great county.


Legal lot determination, boundary line adjustments, land segregations, researching property histories, 1031 Exchanges, TIC (Tenants In Common), land acquisition and development, redevelopment, foreclosures, multi family real estate, single family real estate, acreage


Dale! We couldn't have picked someone better to show us're awesome!
Between Vancouver & Portland - what's not to love? We talked about what an inherently good guy you are and how everything throughout the entire trip seemed effortless.
Thanks for being a big part of that.
Tommy Kabat

While some realtors merely introduce two parties and then disappear until their commission check is ready at closing, Dale epitomizes just the opposite.  I have been impressed with Dale's involvement throughout the real estate transaction.  He not only communicates on a regular basis with the Buyer and Seller, but also with the closing company, local municipalities, lenders, inspectors and any other party involved in the transaction.  Dale has a strong sense of integrity and customer service which are reflected in his personal and professional success.  Because of Dale having lived within Clark County his entire life, coupled with his intense love of the community, I would be hard pressed to find any one who has a more intimate knowledge of the County.  I often joke that there is no boulder nor blade of grass he is unfamiliar with.  I have had the pleasure in knowing Dale both in a personal and professional capacity and it is safe to say that a desire to help others permeates throughout his life.  From family man to man of faith, Dale exemplifies the character that many men should have in the workplace, the home and in the community.
David C. Copenhaver
Vice President - Development
Gramor Development, Inc.

Dear Tracy,
Now I know why people call you the "Duplex Lady." That we received a full price offer THREE DAYS after listing was incredible. With the units in your hands, there was no hassle. You made it so easy.
Thanks so much Tracy!
Sincerely, Brian and Karen

Tracy--the very fact that we chose to call you by your first name, shows just how very comfortable we felt with you during our recent real estate dealings that resulted in the expeditious sale of our Vancouver duplex. Within moments of our first meeting, we felt a real sense of trust. To us, you are the quintessential agent of the company your represent--PRUDENTIAL NW Properties. Working with you was simply wonderful; thank you!
Doug and Zella